Sol Bailey-Barker

22.06.17 - 03.09.17


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Sol Bailey-Barker (b 1987) is a British multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with sculpture and performance. His works fuse historical and sociological research with an inquiry into the power and symbolism of materials, tools and everyday objects.

Informed by archeology, geometry, mythology and a diverse range of contemporary and ancient spiritual practices, through his work Bailey-Barker seeks to re-consider history from a non-colonial perspective. Throughout Bailey-Barker’s life he has collected objects from natural and man-made environments. These vary from Neolithic tools to contemporary refuse. Some objects have value historically, culturally, emotionally, whilst others are simply interesting for their form or materiality. These objects have been collected from house-clearances, mud-larking, found in wildernesses and junk yards. He is particularly fascinated by tools and the way they have been animated and revered over time.

Bailey-Barker refers to his findings as route objects as they inform his abstract sculptures, which in turn function as new sacred forms, taking on the mythic qualities of the objects they draw from. Each sculpture is born from a ritual: the finding of a route objects, the excavation and observation, living with the object, categorising and assembling, extracting or imbuing narrative; resulting in an endless performance.