Josefina Nelimarkka

07.09.17 - 30.09.17


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Josefina Nelimarkka created a multi-sensorial installation, taking the viewer on a journey of futuristic wonder centered around textual and material matter, encompassing gestures, words and sounds. 

[The primal definition of being is to have or occupy a place … somewhere…]

A tiered installation which performed both as text- and material-based choreography. A voice calls out in diminuendo to move and read within the fluid relationships of colourings, wor(l)dings, text-îles, saturations and other material positions. The surface of history is not about a trace of presence but a resistance to being held. 

Movement traverses desire not towards its terminus, but in its emergence, it is the Nymph that drives it. To have potential leads to having decision. Absence can be presence. It con-tours presence.

Sound in collaboration with Iona Roisin. 


Josefina Nelimarkka works across painting, writing and spatial configuration. Her works investigate materiality, time and language as ephemeral instabilities; arts and sciences merge into fleeting experiences and interactive places relating to one another and proceed as constellations and parallels; her practice is multidisciplinary and site-sensitive. A recent graduate of MA Painting at the Royal College of Art, she lives and works between London and Helsinki. Upcoming shows include Varbergs Konsthall in Sweden and Helsinki Art Museum in Finland.