Jasmine Bradbury

12.10.17 - 13.11.17


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Jasmine Bradbury’s first London solo exhibition ‘Shed a Layer’ underpins life’s monotony. Delicate or strong, malleable or rigid, comforting or banal - these sculptures are full of contradictions that explore feelings of anxiety and depression through substance and structure. The balancing of material solidity and fragility by using multiple layers of industrial materials including plaster and lead, represent an emotional facade that smothers the underlying everyday anxieties. Bradbury chooses forms such as pillows, a bath or mattress to juxtapose the illusion of domestic familiarity and their relation to the self - with the end result ultimately becoming a form of therapy and comfort. Bradbury’s most resent work ‘I can admit to conceal’ (2017) brings fragility to the forefront, being both a dominating presence yet not self-effacing. An ultimate portrait of acceptance.

Jasmine Bradbury (b 1994) is a British sculptor based in Norwich. She graduated with first class honours in Fine Art at Norwich University of Art (2015). She has previously exhibited at the Anteros Gallery, Norfolk (solo) and Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail, Suffolk. Bradbury’s works primarily with large sculptural forms. Her work is often based on feminized interpretations of life incidents, alongside the psychological theories of Sigmund Freud and the later writings of Meliene Klien in relation to the expressions of anxiety and depression. Bradbury has been exploring materials that reflect her expanding sculptural vocabulary since working with a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, Brian Alabaster, from March 2016.