Pictured: Rebecca Ackroyd, Photo Etching, Hand printed in sepia ink, Somerset paper, 210 x 297 mm

Location: GALLERY ARCH, 274 Richmond Road, E8 3QW

Opening times: 15th December 2017 - 29th January 2018 | mon - sat [10am - 6pm]

Closing Party: 16th January 2018

Fibra is a research based project with a focus on the importance of textile traditions in local communities in Colombia. It involves a selection of UK-based artists whose practices are concerned with an experimental and fine art approach to fibres, understanding textiles as a metaphor for knitting ideas, concepts, interlacing traditions to our everyday lives and as a fibre that absorbs spiritual beliefs of a community. 

Artists are invited to reflect on the questions at the core of our project and to integrate this into their work: 

What role does artisanal textile work have at the heart of a community? How do globalisation and freedom of movement change our perceptions in relation to traditions? Does it affect the preservation of crafts and the sustainability of these practices? 

Our project is divided into three phases over a period of nine months: Theoretical / Empirical / Creative

Through these three stages, we will: learn and share knowledge; contextualise our research; and explore historical textile traditions. We will delve into the various techniques, the connections to other creative practices, and the role in the communities.

The paramount aspect of our project is the collaboration with two indigenous communities based in Colombia, for whom the preservation of ancient skills in the working of fibres has been passed from generation to generation. Most of Colombia’s rural communities and tribes consider natural fibres to be the core, indispensable element of their social structure. The spectrum of everyday uses includes wearable fabrics such as carrier bags either for personal items or for agricultural produce, as hunting traps, and in the domestic space, amongst other uses. These objects are carriers of the communities’ myths and beliefs. The very structure and process of textiles has an intrinsic relationship to cultural customs and the social fabric of these communities. We will be visiting their communities, observing and participating in their textile practices. 

Through contextualization, field trips, talks and material development, our aim is to expand our technical knowledge of fibres, weaving, knitting and dyeing procedures. We aim to achieve a more rounded vision on our proposed subject matters and to apply the newly acquired knowledge to our art practices. 

Artists included: Lindsey Mendick, Bea Bonafini, Maisie Cousins, Laurence Owen, Adeline de Monseignat, Pablo de Laborde Lascaris, Dan Coopey, Nina Amber, Mia Pfeifer, Rebecca Ackroyd.


Fibra is a project created, curated and produced by Mia Pfeifer.

Co-produced, logo creation and artwork by Bea Bonafini. 






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